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Medical Translation

The medical translation services offered by the Neotech translation bureau to its customers  encompass all spheres of the medical services and products market. Medicine is an entire range of areas of focus – pharmacology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, biology, dentistry, surgery, cardiology, psychology, psychiatry, and many others – and we provide translations of complex medical and technical documentation for each of them. A separate subject area in translation of medical texts is veterinary medicine.

We have proved experience in translation of:
• clinical study protocols
• clinical reports
• research reports
• product specification descriptions
• expert reports
• informed consents
• pharmaceutical reference books
• patient information inserts for medications
• product monographs
• medical histories
• medical charts and records
In addition to the above documents we also provide translation of:
• documents related to legal and administrative regulation of the medical market
• materials for management and regulating agencies
• insurance claims
• contracts and agreements
• wills
• patents

Translation of technical medical documentation related to the practical use of instruments and equipment

Translation of documentation of various levels of complexity in all areas, for all categories of specialized instruments and equipment, beginning with translations of user manuals for professional operators of complex medical machinery, and ending with translation of instructions for patients for home use.

In addition, we work with marketing materials…
• Descriptions and presentations of new products, services, and equipment
• Catalogs
• Multimedia and instructional materials:
• Scientific articles and publications in specialized magazines
• Textbooks, reference books, and atlases
• Reports and dissertations
• Press releases and news materials

We also provide localization of programs and software:

• Translation of user interfaces of medical equipment and accompanying documentation
• Website translation

Translation of medical texts is likewise a broad and varied field of application for interpreting services, which we provide for conferences, seminars, expositions, and trainings. We respond to requests of all levels of complexity, and which require extraordinary and creative solutions. The translators at Neotech translation bureau are prepared to work under challenging conditions, such as remote operations, consultations, and councils via teleconferencing with the aid of specialists in various disciplines from all over the world.

Neotech provides translation of medical texts in strict compliance with the requirements of this type of linguistic adaptation.
These requirements include:
1. The translation faithfully renders the full content of the original; with proper decryption of acronyms and abbreviations, in accordance with their Russian counterparts; and using conventional medical terminology and proper style.
2. In translation of medical documents of any complexity, employment of translators who are specialists with a postsecondary medical education is mandatory. This makes it possible to find solutions to all terminological issues of the customer.
3. Medical translations are executed in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate laboratorial, clinical, distribution, and manufacturing practices (GLP, GCP, GDP, and GMP).
4. Translations are executed using translation memory software, which ensures uniformity of terminology, reduced production time, and minimal expense.
5. For each individual medical document translation project a unique glossary is created for each customer, the maintenance of which helps greatly to simplify and organize work with the documents.
6. Confidentiality is maintained unconditionally.
7. We offer integrated and flexible solutions. In a single order both interpreting and translation services may be provided, which are then supplemented by notarization services, both for copies of translated medical documents and for the originals.
8. To help our customer find solutions to issues related to subsequent use of translated materials, the Neotech translation bureau provides an complete package of formatting and Layout, preparation for publishing, and redubbing and duplication services on every kind of media for materials in any format.

We work to ensure that our translation bureau provides our customers with translated materials that are fully ready to use, of the highest quality and in the quantity required for the project.