Medical translation

Medical translation is a rather highly specialized area, which is in demand not only among large industry companies and organizations, but also among ordinary industry workers and individuals.

Neotech team includes professionals in various fields, including linguistics, medical practice, special medical equipment, dentistry, etc. This ensures consistent high quality of the translation regardless of the project topic.

We have completed many successful projects for international organizations operating in the health sector: manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, health authorities and research laboratories.

All work is performed using generally accepted medical terminology, and checked by editors having higher medical education, with guaranteed confidentiality and full compliance with ISO 17100.

We translate

We translate the entire pool of medical documentation of various degrees of complexity in all areas:

Professional documents:

  • clinical trial protocols and reports;
  • package inserts and descriptions of products;
  • equipment technical documentation.

Personal documents:

  • excerpts, prescriptions, certificates;
  • medical records, clinical charts;
  • medical reports, drug orders.

Marketing materials:

  • product, service, equipment presentations;
  • catalogs;
  • press releases and news.

Education materials:

  • training videos, textbooks, reference books, atlases;
  • research articles and publications;
  • theses, research papers, abstracts.

Program and software localization:

  • translation of user interfaces and related documents;
  • translation of websites.


  • pharmacology;
  • medical equipment;
  • dentistry;
  • surgery;
  • laboratory research;
  • cardiology;
  • biochemistry;
  • biotechnology;
  • chemistry;
  • psychology and many others.

Why Us?

  • Neotech is a leading provider of translation services and technologies at the global market according to the rating of Common Sense Advisory.

  • Full compliance with ISO 17100.

  • Guarantee of absolute confidentiality.

  • e largest translation company in Russia and the CIS.

  • Use of Translation Memory software products, which allows us to ensure uniformity of terminology and spend less time on our projects.

  • Representative offices in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.