Applicant Cheat Sheet

Are you interested in a translating position?

At Neotech, the policy is that all applicants for positions involving foreign language usage must take a qualification test.

We recommend that you take note of the suggestions below and employ them when taking the test and performing subsequent jobs.

  1. Choose the test on the subject for which you feel most prepared; your language proficiency level will be representative.  This is how the test you take will allow us not only to determine your linguistic proficiency level, but also your future field of thematic application.
  2.  An educated command of Russian and an ability to logically and precisely formulate a given idea are obligatory conditions for successful completion of the test.  Check spelling and punctuation, and once again evaluate the overall style of the text, before sending it to us to be examined.
  3.  In addition to experience and related knowledge, use Internet surfing skills:
    - use online dictionaries and encyclopedias;
    - search for individual words and context in various search systems;
    - work with the site of a company involved in production or sales of the respective product or in some way, even distantly, related to the information sought on the product, service, or event;
    - if necessary, request help from your colleagues on professional translation or thematic forums.
  4. Use our document entitled, “Requirements for texts submitted by freelance translators”.  This will help you to improve the quality of your work and understand the criteria for the evaluation of your test (create a link to the “Requirements” text).

Remember that the evaluation you receive today (which you may possibly find not completely satisfactory) does not stamp you for life.

Return to the test after a while and try your hand at it again, after additional preparation.

Take a look at our general list of available positions – perhaps another position, subject, or linguistic focus in translation would be better suited to you.