No one doubts the importance of software Localization when entering new markets, whether the product is special-purpose software, games, applications, etc. The product must speak the language of the user.

Localization is not the usual translation service. It factors in all the peculiarities of the cultural code of the target region and is essential for products in the field of information technology, marketing in technical fields and life science.

Neotech’s Localization department, which was created in 2003, has vast experience in working with projects of diverse complexity and scale for major international publishers and developers as well as small companies that are only seeking to attract the attention of audiences on new markets.

Neotech not only possesses know-how in the Localization of the software product itself, but also in handling all accompanying marketing, training and corporate materials, which are essential for the successful launch or marketing of the product.

The result of working on a project is important to us. Members of our team are distinguished by professionalism and a wealth of experience in working with the most diverse tasks as well as love for technology and passion for the gaming industry.

  • User manuals
  • Software
  • Mobile apps
  • Video and audio materials
  • Electronic tutorials
  • Websites
  • Video games for any platforms
  • Marketing materials
  • Use of state-of-the-art translation technologies and tools
  • Use of proprietary solutions to streamline work processes and ensure high quality of translation
  • An individual approach to each customer and project
  • A multi-stage quality control system
  • We are comfortable working with most language pairs.
  • We work with all basic data formats.
  • We are able to quickly assemble a team for any project.
  • We solve linguistic tasks of any complexity.
  • We seamlessly integrate the translation process into the business process of the customer.
  • We deliver not only translation, but a comprehensive turnkey solution.
  • We conduct linguistic consultation for customers.