Nowadays, complex linguistic support always includes interpretation. At Neotech, there is a separate department in charge of this.

The field of interpretation is extremely wide. For example, it is needed at events with the participation of foreign speakers, including exhibitions and conferences, presentations and lectures, trainings and master classes. Business events − negotiations, meetings, execution of contracts or business trips − should also be mentioned.

Besides, Neotech offers integrated services: our resources allow us not only to provide our clients with interpretation services but also to organize the event itself, including search for and provision of the venue, full fitting-out, logistics issues and project photo and video shooting.

Consecutive interpretation

It is generally used when working with small audience within the framework of personal meetings, negotiations, speeches, presentations, etc. An interpreter comprehends a snippet of speech and reproduces it in target language when a speaker pauses.

Simultaneous interpretation

It is used at wide audience events. Interpretation is carried out alongside speaker’s speech by using special equipment.

Wide range of services

Neotech provides services of specialists for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from different languages (French, German, Italian, etc.) at business forums, face-to-face and telephone business negotiations, exhibitions, round tables, receptions at airports, during transfers, etc.

Decades of experience

Neotech has been in the language industry since 1991. Among our clients, there are both large international corporations and companies dominant in their industries.

Wide range of industries

Our employees specialize in many professional spheres, from medicine and marketing to automotive and oil and gas industries.

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